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From Manics Manifesto July 1992

Sheet 1

Originally on orange paper, backed with photos of the band by Valerie Phillips and also containing excellent cartoons of the band, drawn by Yukari Hara.

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Some thoughts on crusties with credit cards...

Recession always works to ruling class advantage. There is no generation gap, just those in and out of society. The moronic Labour party still cannot understand this. Their dinosaur ideology believed that they could capture working class votes with high taxation (over ú25,000), not realising that the working class judge their interests not from where they are (dole/squat/school) but where they wish they could be (BMW/Hampstead/Malibu). Second only in ideological stupid-ity to the Labour party is the pre-industrialised politics of The Levellers. Child-like. Heh Jerem - if all men are equal then why should the state support the nomadic lifestyle of the happy hitchers. How d'ya justify that? Oh, it's Anarchy. Some king of Anarchy! Right now you are Northern Textmill owners for your T-shirt empire. Soon You'll be franchise coal owners for your camp fires. Cottage Industry Capitalism. Back to nature and Anglo-Saxon morals (with 100k p.a., catering staff and roadies) But you're individualists not socialists. Beg your pardon. That sounds more like Terry Waite's Desert Island Discs Christian humanity, than 20th century realpolitik. And in case you think no one else has read your heroes - for every Lilburne we got Thatcher for every Walwyn we go Henry Ford, for every Overton we got Kinnock, for every Wildman we got Churchill. Crusties with a credit card. Me, I'm gonna go and wash, get clean and play a CD crime? Why donÆt you stay pure to your principles and only record in mono you luddite Thatcher children. I also hate potato wine and I love my Sega megadrive. Reality. You are Britain's cultural Chernobyl.

Richey, July 1992.

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Don't ever say we never keep you informed with all the latest...!

Stop Press Stop Press Stop Press Stop Press Stop Press Stop Press Stop


Manic Street Preachers have a new single released on 7th September Surprise Surprise, ItÆs going to be "THEME FROM MASH". This cover version was recorded specially for the NME charity album also to be released in September. All proceeds from the single (which will be a double æAÆ side together with a track from Fatima Mansions), will go to the Spastics Society 40th anniversary. The CD and 12" contain an extra track, a piece of rock history captured by radio 5 who happened to be doing a documentary on the NME and where at Kings Reach Towers the day after Richey carved 4 REAL into his forearm in may 1991...

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Motorcycle Emptiness: The biggest selling single to date (described as a "teen anthem" by the NME) spent a month in the top 40 (and is still in the top 75 at the time of writing). The video (which was featured heavily on MTV) was shot entirely on location in and around Tokyo. Using entirely Japanese crew the band/Martin Hall, with the aid of an interpreter, directed the video themselves. The locations ranged from Tokyo train station at the height of morning rush to Yokohoma Temple in the mountains outside the city. The also filmed the band in an amusement park featuring the world's biggest big wheel. As the decision to film in Japan was taken at the last minute the band where unable to get permits to film in the streets and so filming was often on the run keeping one step of the local police force. Manic Street Preachers also appeared on top of the pops to perform live in the studio.

For record collectors... There will be a discography style article in the August edition of Record Collector (out from mid-end July). Also, Columbia released a picture disc of Generation Terrorists on 15th June. A strictly limited edition of 5,000 CDs and 5,000 Vinyl. (This was against the band's wishes and they were no involved in the artwork of packaging).

This is sheet two of the Manics Manifesto from July 1992:

Sheet 2

Originally on white paper, backed with photos of the band, backstage at Sheffield and London Astoria.

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Town & Country Club - June 19th

As predicted, the band's one-off London show sold out well in advance with fans coming from all over Europe, and even Japan for this gig. The place was packed to the gills! Transformation. Manic Street Preachers looked different as the weren't wearing the regulation white jeans. Nick and Richey in black, James in his new suit that he got in Japan. Sounding accomplished too. The set contained live versions of "Under My Wheels" and "Vision Of Dead Desire". The band proved that the can play Motorcycle Emptiness and the guitar ending of "You Love Us" live and James even pulled two women out of the audience to sing "Little Baby Nothing" with him on stage. Nice to see some great slogans sprayed on clothing and even more manics clones than usual in the crowd. Definitely the UK's most beautiful audience. It was especially good to see a fan in post-baggy gear wearing nail varnish. A good time was had by all!

[European touring info/dates cut]

Thanks to everybody who has bothered to write in. All letters are read by the band AND kept - nothing is thrown away. By the way, It's not that the band are now "too famous" (and all that shit) to answer letters from fans anymore (they still do) - it's just physically impossible to answer them all. Thanks too for all the presents, they're very much appreciated. (Richey wore many of his in the recent 3 page smash hits photo session that he and James did). For your sakes, don't send any more of your treasured items such as photos, record sleeves and set lists etc. in to be signed - would feel dreadful in anything got lost or damaged. The band do try to sign as much as they can get through but, again, it's impossible to cope with the volume of mail and we're still trying to catch up on the backlog of stuff already in the office. Sorry, but please don't get too pissed off if you haven't had something back yet or if it was impossible to get it signed.

Compilations... The Manics have often expressed their love for dolphins. Motown Junk has been used as a track on an ecologically friendly dolphin compilation tape along with such bands as Primal Scream, The Shamen, U2 and Daisy Chainsaw. They also appear on the NME compilation as mentioned earlier.

By The Way... Its bad news that we get letters from people who suffer abuse for being MSP fans. (I.E. for having tastes and a mind of their own). You are not as sad as your abusers...

Snippets... 700 red carnations adorned to floor of the studio when Manic Street Preachers performed "Motorcycle Emptiness" on Top Of The Pops ... MSP have received various offers from film companies for use of manics tracks as soundtrack material and have even been offered roles in films ...Not just new bands inspired by Manic Street Preachers starting, as reported in the May manifesto, but a host of new zines dedicated to the band springing up (some in the ads section)and quite a few people at college have chosen to do MSP biographies study assignments! ...psst, Richey appears in the Q+A section of The Face in the August edition ...Jon Beast (Of Carter U.S.M. you-fat-bastard "fame"(?)) seen walking around the Cult In The Park gig with at-shirt bearing to words "We Love Us" (ha fuckin ha) ... In the filming of the Motorcycle Emptiness video, the original idea was for the band to be filmed riding the big wheel but the cameraman suffered from vertigo so the shots where taken from outside... After the Town&Country show Manic Street Preachers surprised the owner of a nearly empty late night Spanish bar by popping over for a late night drink in the early hours - with about 100 friends!...

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